After Effects Features

Over the past 10 years animation has changed dramatically. However, the very foundation of how After Effects works has remained mostly unchanged. People all over the world are stretching the limits of the program to create next-level animations. 


I spend countless hours in After Effects, solving complicated Visual Effects problems and creating 2D animations. Traveling over the world—collaborating with some of the best artists—I’ve started to observe and listen how other people work—and like to work.

These suggestions are meant to spur a public discussion that can lead to solutions that will benefit all current and future animators. I hope these ideas can then in turn inform the After Effects team on how we work and what steps to take next—making After Effects an even better tool than it already is today.

Please vote for the features you'd like to see implemented. And comment when you have ideas that can make a feature even better. 

When you comment, please start with the feature index number and use your illustration and animation skills to show us how this feature could work—and why this is important to you. Language can only do so much, Animate!

How to, Vote and Comment

Vote on features in each chapter and vote for chapters here when you've read the entire article.

This way we filter out what is priority. You can also suggest features by using the "Other" text field, When there is a significant amount of the same requests, we can start to explore how it should work and finally add it to the list.

Comment if you have ideas on how to improve the suggested features.

Comments will be moderated by a team of  animators to keep the list from getting to big to read. Please be short and specific when you comment. Come with ideas and solutions.