Ouroboros - After Effects Preset


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Ouroboros allows you to create multiple trimmed strokes on one path. *

* Please note that there is limited support for the Ouroboros preset, as it was done as a labor of love.

! For some unknown reason Ouroboros does not work properly on AE with Chinese language installed. Will look into this when I can.

How it works:

The Ouroboros preset gives you a new shape layer with a stroke and some effects. Now parent that new shape layer to any other original shape and it will take on its properties. The new layer holds the stroke and follows whatever your original shape is doing. Then duplicate the " Stroke Ouroboros 1 " inside " Contents, group1 "  to create more strokes on that same shape path!

Random Seed Random Seed Path Index Number Start End Offset Random Offset Stroke Menu Width px Width Random Width Maintain Opacity Opacity Random Trim Start Trim End Trim Offset Trim Random Speed Speed Random Delay Delay Random Color Menu Color Offset Cycles ps Color Random Rainbow


  • Free preset, fill in $0; and the credit card box will disappear. You only need an email address to get this plugin. That I need to send you updates in the future.
  • Make sure the structure is like " > Contents > Shape x > Path x " mirroring the Ouroboros layer " > Contents > Group x > Ouroboros x "


  • If 100 lines of expressions show up in your timeline when you hit "U", try to close the triangle ▶︎ in front of Contents to collapse them all.  See how you can turn off revealing expressions "improvements to keyboard shortcuts"
  • Double click the properties in the Effects Panel to reveal that property in the timeline.
  • Referencing a shape-layer in another comp. Create a new shape-layer in the current comp, Name it after the comp and control layer you want to reference in another comp, for example: "edit" then a comma "," and then the name of the control layer "control". Layer name = edit,control Now you can reference ouroboros layers to that shape-layer with fancy name and it will go to comp edit and reference layer control.
  • Maintain stroke width when using strokes that are inside a pre-comp. Add a comma "," + "comp-name" to the name of your Ouroboros layer. Your Ouroboros layer now knows to include the scale from itself in the pre-comp. Layer name = my Ouroboros Stroke,edit
  • Everything is done using expressions. Learn Javascript to take your expression skills to the next level. Great sources are CodeCademy and Motionscript

© Copyright Ouroboros SANDER VAN DIJK 2014
* Please note that there is limited support for the Ouroboros preset, as it was done as a labor of love. Please post questions in the comments section below and we might be able to resolve the issue.