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Ray Dynamic Color - Empowering Animation Artists with better tools.

My color workflow that I used on projects like Pause Fest, IBM datagrams and Onward Internet, Is now available on aescripts + aeplugins Get this tool Ray Dynamic Color

Featured on:  MotionographerStash Media and Lesterbanks

"We used Ray to manage our color workflow inside After Effects. I remembered seeing Sander van Dijk post a tutorial on working with color in AE. In tracking that down, I saw that he had just released it as a script, which made life easier."
- Title sequence for FITC Tokyo

“ In my mind this is a must have for every person working in After Effects. ”
Andreas Brørn Hansen

How it works:

Currently all the colors in your After Effect project live in their own place, even if some elements in your scene have the same color. When you want change or try a different color it's almost impossible because you have to change each individual color of every element in the project. Imagine if all the elements that share the same color have the ability to be dynamically linked to one color source. This would give us many options to manage colors.

With Ray Dynamic Color you can assign a number to the elements in your scene with one click. These numbers can then be represented by any color.


00:15 Tool instal guide.
00:33 Create a Color Palette Composition.
01:34 Import ASE file.
01:49 Rename color palettes.
02:16 Import from Kuler color.adobe.com


02:57 Apply colors.
03:19 Adjusting applied colors.
03:56 Search colors in timeline.
04:18 Adjusting applied colors faster.
04:35 Change colors in the palette.
05:26 Save colors in a Preset FFX file.
06:07 "#" Button to for any number.
06:23 "P" Button to swap color palettes.


06:52 How Ray Dynamic Color works.
07:22 Instal advanced expressions.
07:18 Random expression.
07:49 Cycle expression.