I set ideas into motion.
When I hear about meaningful ideas, I feel compelled to communicate them, so we can move people to action for the betterment of humanity.

I do this through abstract, reduced forms of design that have an ability to convey information, amplify a message and elicit an unparalleled human response. Nature’s function dictates its form and it’s this universal language of geometry that drives my own approach to design. This expression of shape is the canvas to make motion and emotion visible, which inherently gives intention to the creation.

Through this philosophy, I’ve developed my own workflows that I’ve turned into tools that can empower others to design more dynamically. And I know that by bringing creative people together, it gives all of us an opportunity to collaborate and to improve our skills, which is why I co-founded a festival called Blend.



For inquiries on bookings, rates and availability of Sander's time, please contact Summer at: bookme ( at ) sandervandijk.tv

New York based — Available for work world wide.