Blend Manifesto

Blend is a two-day festival in Vancouver on October 16 & 17. A conference-style party for our creative, design and animation loving family with some of the most amazing doers and makers.


For the last 5 years, Wine after Coffee has hand-picked the most exceptional animations for your healthy audiovisual diet. A regular feast of inspiration pushes us to do better, and we go even further when we work together. So, we are gathering this unique talent under one roof.

This is Blend!

My Role

Animation Direction & Animation


Art Direction & Design: Gareth O'BrienLucas Brooking

Animation Direction: Sander van Dijk
Animation: Sander van Dijk, Jorge Canedo Estrada, Claudio Salas, Justin Lawes, Austin RobertMarisabel Fernandez

Music: Friendship Park
Mix & Sound Design: Ambrose Yu

Special thanks to: Ryland Haggis, John BlackBox Of Toys AudioSummer Rayne Oakes, Emmy Lou Canedo