Smoothicles — Get more energy into your imagination!

Last Vancouver summer we created videos that introduce you to the healthy ingredients of our Smoothicle recipes. The name of the recipe suggests to the health benefits of the ingredients combined. We even replaced the original popsicle stick with dried licorice root, because it cleans your teeth when your chewing on them after you ate your popsicle!

Try a Smoothicle, the recipes are on the website.


Creative Direction: Sander van Dijk

Titel DesignSander van Dijk, Harold van Velsen
Fonts Lost TypeTrevor BaumAtipusJames T. Edmondson
Sound Design: Brightling 

Giant thanks to Giant Ant Studio Vancouver 

Popsicles: Wesley Wittkamper, Dréa Bird 
Production Coordinator: Koen Oosterbroek 
Models: Karin ( strength ) Rachel Rivera ( vigor ) 

Music: Jim Guthrie - The Fantabulous World Of Jimmy 3 Guts Indie Game (The Movie Soundtrack) 


Recipe: Strength

Doing the things you love to do in life can require a lot of energy. You know that cold shaky feeling after too much coffee, and huge crash after a couple of hours… You catch yourself still looking for something to eat after the 7th snack… This can drag your attention away from what really matters to you.