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Sander van Dijk - Reel Dyad
Updated 11 Nov '11

Audio Design: STUDIO-TAKT


00:12 - PROJECT ME MYSELF AND I Design and Animation.
00:19 - THE GREEN VALUE Design and Animation.
00:20 - PAUSEFEST Direction, Design and Animation.
00:22 - THE GREEN VALUE Design and Animation.
00:23 - PAUSEFEST Direction, Design and Animation.
00:26 - PLUSONE LOGO Direction, Design and Animation.
00:27 - EQ Direction, Design and Animation.
00:28 - PAUSEFEST Direction, Design and Animation.
00:31 - EQ Direction, Design and Animation.
00:34 - AMSTERDAM DNA, PLUSONE 2D Animation and Compositing.
00:37 - THE RIDE, KING AND COUNTRY Title design.
00:41 - REEL INTRO FOR KING AND COUNTRY 2D and 3D Animation, Compositing.
00:46 - PLUSONE LOGO Direction, Design and Animation.
00:48 - PAUSEFEST Direction, Design and Animation.
00:50 - WE TV BRIDEZILLA PROMO, KING AND COUNTRY Lead Compositor on title animation.
00:55 - SHEEPINGTON BURYSHIRE, KING AND COUNTRY Character Animation and Compositing*.
 Characters by James Levy, Sheep character and backgrounds by me.

01:03 - PAUSEFEST Direction, Design and Animation.
01:05 - SCAN EXPLORER Lead 2D Animation. Illustrations By Ronald Slabbers.
01:07 - PAUSEFEST Direction, Design and Animation.
01:10 - SCAN EXPLORER Lead 2D Animation. Illustrations By Ronald Slabbers.


Pausefest Melbourne ( Directors cut )
Personal Project - The vision of Pausefest Melbourne ( Directors cut )

Music / Audio Design: Dane Middleton
Voiceover: Jaclyn blumus
Concept / Motion Design: Sander van Dijk

Inspired by the perspectives of: Remco Janssen, Martijn Hogenkamp, Kevin Megens, Menno Fokma, Wesley Wittkamper, Koen Oosterbroek, Anatol Kushpèta, Jaclyn blumus.

Reach out, Share and Demonstrate each other to grow and get better at what we love to do. I loved working on this project and want to share some of its insights on how I approached to color the elements. Go to to download the tutorial. Leave a comment there if you find it helpful and if you see more possibilities for improvement from your unique perspective!

Desktop Magazine: "Your thoughts on why motion designers are so willing to work for love and participate in festivals like this?" Because motion designers believe in their work. They do it for the love of it. Pause Fest is a free platform to experiment with, try new things and for people to become better at what they do. Working for love is the only real satisfying element in this work and it gives you the energy to go on and make the next piece your best piece ever. Artists need a space where they can take the time to communicate to each other and get back to that core issue of why we are doing this. What are we spending your valuable time on? What are we communicating? The festival is a moment to pause! and share what you've learned with other unique designers out there in order to grow, get inspired and learn a whole lot yourself.


PlusOne Logo Animation
The launch party of Plus One Amsterdam provoked me into animating the logo in order to make it stand out much more. Originally designed by Harold van Velsen, this logo just begged to be molded into something beautiful.
Audio track - Cloudlight by Eskmo


Me, Myself and I
This is the opening animation for my school presentation. I had a lot of creative freedom making this piece. It shows the main things I love to do. Handling cameras, doing montages and effects. The sweet sounds of pop are to me like relaxing in the summer with a cool drink and my notebook on my sleeve, doing the work I love.
Audio: Jive Jones - Me Myself and I


Scan Explorer
Compilation of a longer animation I did for Scan explorer. This project let me experiment with lots of new ways to transition from one scene to the other.
*No audio design yet.

Illustrations by Ronald Slabbers


King and Country Reel Intro
A lot of new work from King and Country this year so it was time for a new reel. I created this reel intro for them under the creative direction of Rick Gledhill, while working as a designer over there. An empty room is filled with abstract objects that are magnetically drawn to the logo.

Watch the showreel 2010 on


High School Reunion
For this spot directed by King and Country I worked on the compositing and keyed out the footage. The challenge for this project was to seamlessly transition from one person to the other. Head, body and arms where shot separately to gain maximum control of the timing. Aftereffects, Cinema 4D.

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