The vision of Pausefest Melbourne

Artists need to visit Pause Fest Connect to others, to gain knowledge in order to grow. Every artist has a unique story to tell about his or her style and perspective, by allowing individual stories to be shared, Creatives grow individually and together as everybody learns from one another. This animation visualizes exactly that concept in a very abstract way.

Eight times more resolution than full HD. 4K resolution and 60 frames per second (  Plays 1:1 on a Macbook retina screen )

I loved working on this project and want to share some of its insights on how I approached to color the elements.


Music & Sound Design: Brightling
Voice: Jaclyn Blumas
Concept & Motion Design: Sander van Dijk

Inspired by the great perspectives of: Remco Janssen, Martijn Hogenkamp, Kevin Megens, Menno Fokma, Koen Oosterbroek, Wesley Wittkamper, Anatol Kushpèta

Interview Desktop Magazine

Q: "Your thoughts on why motion designers are so willing to work for love and participate in festivals like this?"

Because motion designers believe in their work. They do it for the love of it. Pause Fest is a free platform to experiment with, try new things and for people to become better at what they do. Working for love is the only real satisfying element in this work and it gives you the energy to go on and make the next piece your best piece ever. Artists need a space where they can take the time to communicate to each other and get back to that core issue of why we are doing this. What are we spending your valuable time on? What are we communicating? The festival is a moment to pause! and share what you've learned with other unique designers out there in order to grow, get inspired and learn a whole lot yourself.