Google Education

Google's effort to bring their powerful collaboration tools like G Suite to the classroom.



BUCK was asked by JWT to create a video for the main page of the new Google Education site.


I was one of the lead animators on this project. The video ended up being too long for the client's liking and we had to cut some of the most beautiful scenes. After the project was complete, I felt like the video was incomplete, so I spent more time creating a director's cut to bring back some of the more beautiful animations.



Directed By: Buck 
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait

Creative Director: Thomas Schmid
Producer: Billy Mack, Kevin Hall

Design: Thomas Schmid, Kyle Strope, Jon Gorman, Yker Moreno, Justin Lawes, Justin Fines, Gareth O'Brien
Animation: Sander van Dijk, Justin Lawes
Sound Design: Ambrose Yu