meets Premiere Pro Teaser

Media collaboration for the 21st century. Online video collaboration tool integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro.



Build the most epic teaser for the launch of the new Premiere Pro Extension that shows how to bring all the powerful features of the platform into your editing program.



I worked with Emery, the co-founder and CEO of to filter through his ideas so that we could make an impactful 40-second teaser video. There were a number of features and ideas that we needed to get across, so I worked to build both efficiency in the frames as well as excitement.

Emery envisioned his web platform transforming slowly into the new extension and then merging with the Premiere Pro interface.

I worked in-house in order to collaborate closely with the designer Zahir Ramos on the design work of the animation.

1 - title.png

Styleframes by Zahir Ramos


Emery was very involved in the process and we met daily to talk about the progress; we worked closely to get the teaser exactly right while making most out of the time and resources we had.

The teaser was launched two weeks before the release of the Premiere Pro Extension


UI Design: Zahir Ramos


Creative Direction, 3D Animation. UI animation.