Confy is a startup in the Netherlands that has set out to solve parcel delivery problems, traffic being one of them. The company has build a trusted network where people can accept packages on eachothers behalf. This alleviates traffic while helping to build a stronger local community.




Confy approached me to outline how their service works in less than 60 seconds. The video needed to visualize the stories from both the consumer perspective (blue frames) and the delivery agent’s perspective (yellow frames). Additionally, the videos required two alternative ends and be available in the Dutch and English languages.



Since Confy is a start-up, I came up with creative ways to work with a limited budget, without having to sacrifice the message or quality of their brand. Together, we developed the script around their pre-existing design work. Once the script was fully developed, we began to add characters to help make the story more human. Additionally, the animation is done in “modular” scenes so that each scene can be quickly edited and fit into the eight different versions.


We were lucky to have Sander van Dijk who was able to translate the Confy proposition into a powerful animation. No better way to communicate your ideas to a large audience.
— Hans Willemse, Co-Founder


The founders had a clear idea of what they wanted to communicate, so my initial role was to provide structure and a storyline to help them communicate their concept visually. Together with the client I wrote two scripts—one from the consumer’s perspective and the second one from the delivery agent’s perspective. We also translated the scripts to Dutch, for which you can see that version of the delivery side here:


Delivery version in Dutch


Confy had a good portion of their branding worked out, so in order to be efficient in time and resources, we incorporated their existing design work, tweaking it here and there to fit the story. I also reused artwork in both videos with slight tweaks.


Both videos mostly use the same graphics with slight design tweaks



We hired Kyle Strope to create additional character design work to give the story a more human feel.



Character Design by Kyle Strope



The animation was broken up in modular scenes, so that it could be used as building blocks to quickly edit different versions. I also used my own workflow tool Ray Dynamic Color to efficiently change the color of the delivery and customer scenes.


As the visuals elements were coming together, we concurrently hired Wesley Slover to provide original music and sound design that would best fit the brand. Together we provided various styles and playlists in order to narrow down the selection for the client. Sound effects were then added to bring the animations to life.




Creative Direction, Script Writing, Creative Direction, Character Design, Character Animation, 2D Animation, Music and Sound Design.



Character Design: Kyle Strope
Audio Design and Music: Wesley Slover