Blend is a conference-style party in Vancouver for the motion, design & animation family; when we get together, amazing things happen.

Bringing people together in an inspiring environment can stimulate their creativity and often change the course of their lives for the better. This is why I co-founded the conference Blend together with amazing partners Jorge, Teresa, and Claudio,

The Origins of Blend



In order to communicate our values as a conference, I directed the following Manifesto video that played at the opening of every event.



Art Direction & Design: Gareth O'BrienLucas Brooking
Animation Direction: Sander van Dijk
Animation: Sander van Dijk, Jorge Canedo Estrada, Claudio Salas, Justin Lawes, Austin RobertMarisabel Fernandez

Music: Friendship Park
Mix & Sound Design: Ambrose Yu

Special thanks to: Ryland Haggis, John Black, Box Of Toys AudioSummer Rayne Oakes, Emmy Lou Canedo


Animation Director

For Blend 2017, I took on a myriad of roles—the first of which was animation director to create various animated content to help inform and promote.


Technical Direction

Next I served as technical director, building the master keynote to make sure the whole conference results in a fluid experience, particularly as we switched between speakers, breaks and panel conversations.


Keynote Speaker

This year I took a much different role than the first Blend, as I wasn’t just behind-the-scenes but actually spoke on stage. It was important to me to speak about connecting my work to my values, which was a principal part of my impetus for going freelance.