I set ideas into motion for the betterment of humanity.

When I hear about meaningful ideas, I feel compelled to communicate them.

Reduced forms of design have an ability to convey information and amplify a message.
It’s the universal language of geometry that drives my own approach to animation.

I’ve developed my own workflows that I’ve turned into tools to empower others. I know that by bringing creative people together it gives all of us an opportunity to collaborate and improve our skills, which is why I co-founded a festival called Blend.

Sander van Dijk



Summer Oakley
bookme [ at ] sandervandijk.tv


GeoRegulus Design

Based in Brooklyn, New York
Available Worldwide.

Select Clients:

Google EducationGoogle DesignIBM, WCS, NRDC, Frame.io, Squarespace, Microsoft Hololens, GoPro, STRAVA, Shopify

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